Hyundai Service Center Pick-up and Delivery

Scheduling a Pickup and Delivery for Your Automobile at Hyundai Of Escondido


At Hyundai Of Escondido, we believe in serving our Vista and Oceanside clients any way that they need us to. If you cannot bring your Hyundai vehicle into our service center for routine maintenance or repairs, we will schedule a day and time when we can come and get your vehicle. When all of the work has been completed, we will return your vehicle back to you. During the appointment process, we will give you a call if we feel that there is anything that you need to know or sign off on. We would never complete a repair without you knowing the status of the problem. This way, you'll be part of budgeting for the work that our technicians need to take care of.

Maintenance and Sanitization

Not only will we perform any of the maintenance and repairs that need to be done to your Hyundai, but we also take care of cleaning and disinfecting all of the areas that are touched in your automobile. We use a very effective virus sanitizing cleaner to ensure that your vehicle is just as safe and healthy as it was when we first picked it up.

Use Our Pickup and Delivery Service near Poway Today

If you're a Ramona driver and would like to learn more about scheduling a pickup or delivery for your automobile, contact Hyundai Of Escondido through our website or by phone. We can set something up that's convenient for you, and we will safely transport your vehicle back and forth to our Hyundai dealership near San Marcos. If you're too busy to bring your car in yourself, we'll make sure that all the appropriate work is still being done. We service all different models of Hyundai vehicles, but our technicians are also experienced with many other makes and models as well.