Move over electric cars and step aside gasoline, the Hyundai NEXO is in town, and it’s brought a new fuel supply with it. Because electric vehicles can take a while to recharge and gasoline prices are steadily increasing, Hyundai is trying to overcome these obstacles by introducing the NEXO and its hydrogen fuel cell.

What’s Special About a Hydrogen Fuel Cell?

What makes the hydrogen fuel cell so unique is that it provides Vista drivers a clean alternative to electric vehicles while also overcoming the issue of slow recharging. You see, hydrogen fuel cells are similar to batteries in that they produce electricity without combustion or emissions. Unlike batteries though, hydrogen fuel cells need a constant source of fuel and oxygen. You can contact our dealership to learn more.

Compared to traditional gasoline vehicles, fuel cell vehicles can reduce carbon dioxide by up to 50 or even 90%. And because hydrogen fuel cells produce zero carbon emissions, there is no smoke emitted from the tailpipe - only water!

What the Hyundai NEXO can Offer Drivers

As a small crossover that can seat five, the Hyundai NEXO is a rare breed of vehicle utilizing neither gasoline nor electric power. By coming equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, the NEXO can overcome the “refueling” issue that Poway and Ramona drivers experience with electric vehicles, as the NEXO’s fuel cell can be fully charged in about five minutes!

The NEXO also comes in two trims, the Blue and the Limited. If you opt to buy the Blue, you can get an estimated 380 miles of range, while the Limited can get 354 miles. Depending on the trim you choose, drivers could see features like a 12-inch touchscreen, heated front seats & steering wheel, automatic wipers, adaptive cruise control, and plenty more.

Pick up the Hyundai NEXO Today!

If you’re interested in the Hyundai NEXO, schedule a test drive at Hyundai Escondido. Appointments are made by phone or online. Our dealership, located in Escondido, CA, is the first NEXO dealer in the San Diego County, and we want to share this incredible vehicle with you.

We provide a finance center and an online finance application for your convenience too. If you’re from San Marcos or Oceanside, don’t forget to stop on by.

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