Although you may not notice them, your tires are one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. They give you the traction you need to navigate slippery surfaces and challenging conditions. Without reliable tires, it'd be hard to drive with confidence.

That's why you should perform essential tire maintenance to ensure your wheels are in good shape. Changing temperatures and ordinary wear can alter the health of your wheels, so here are a few easy ways to monitor your car tires.

Check Your Air Pressure

To check your air pressure, you'll need an air pressure gauge. Once you've read in your owner's manual or door jamb the recommended air pressure, place the round end of the gauge on the opening of each tire.

If you need to adjust your tires' air, most gas stations have this service available to customers. When the air pressure is balanced, you should experience a steady drive while cruising along a straight, level road.

Test Your Tread Depth

All you need is a penny to review your tires' tread depth. Inserting the penny into the groove, you should see at least part of Abraham Lincoln's head covered by the tread. It's a quick way to confirm that your tire tread is deep enough.

While checking your tread sounds mundane, it's a key part in detecting unbalanced inflation. Depending on what parts of your tires display smooth tread, you could have underinflated or overinflated tires, so pay close attention.

Trust Your Service Professionals

The surest way to go is to take your vehicle to your service center at Hyundai Escondido. Our team can review your tires and determine if we need to take any extra precautions. It never hurts to have a trained eye take a second look.

Plus, we supply genuine OEM parts at our parts center. From air pressure gauges to car tires, you know you're receiving only high-quality parts at Hyundai Escondido.

Take Care of Your Tire Needs and More at Your Hyundai Escondido Dealership

Whether you need a tire inspection or have a few questions, your team at Hyundai Escondido is here to help. Contact our dealership or bring your car in today, and we'll address your car tire needs and more to provide you with peace of mind.

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